Material foe exam

To the attention of students!

By semester exam are allowed students which:

were present in all classroom lessons (lectures, workshops);

were reworked all missed classes;

received minimum number of points (at least 72, corresponding to the national mark "3,0");


 Examination questions include control of practical and theoretical training.

The exam consists of 2 parts:

 (I) compiling tests on the questions of the base "STEP-1" (written or computer testing), the positive result is 80% correct answers to 20test questions.

Questions "STEP-1" for students in the discipline
"Microbiology, virology and immunology":

Part 3 - Special Bacteriology Part1 and Part 2

Part 4 - Special Virology Part 1 and Part 2

 (II) answers to 2 questions of the examination ticket from topics that have been covered in lectures and practical classes, and which are recommended for self-assimilation. The control of knowledge from the submodules "Special microbiology" and "Special virology" is carried out by computer testing (practically oriented task) or the filling in control cards and written answer to the questions (from the sections "General microbiology" and/or "Infection. Immunity")



 Download  document: Questions of the "Microbiology, Virology, Immunology" exam

Download document:  Practically oriented task

The card of particular microbiology test

Example of a filled control card 


The card of particular viroligy test

Example of a filled control card 


An example of practically oriented task in special bacteriology


An example of practically oriented task in special virology